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expand_more What is latin music?

Latin music relates to a full spectrum of rhythms and styles from Ibero-America and the Iberian Peninsula. The range is immense and includes not only pop, balad, regional mexican music but rhythms played in Latin America and in the brazilian culture as well. Rhythms like salsa, merengue, bachata, cumbia, reggaeton, bolero, tango, bossa nova, samba just to mention a few. It is important to point out that in our modern times there is a misconception that latin music is the same as salsa music, when actually salsa music is just a part of all the music genres in this world of latin music. The predominant language is of course spanish and portuguese but musical fusions by Latinos in other languages are being incorporated in what is defined as latin music.

expand_more What is salsa music?

Salsa is a diverse genre of music originated in the Caribbean region in the islands of Cuba and Puerto Rico, the product of various Cuban musical genres including son montuno, cha cha chá, mambo, guaracha, and to a certain extent bolero and the Puerto Rican Plena and Bomba merged with African-American music styles such as jazz. It is believed that the term salsa appeared in the early 70's and until today is used to identify a rhythm defined by a pattern known as clave. The name clave is given to an instrument composed of two individual hardwood sticks played one against the other and is also the name of the pattern played by them, which are son clave (3 - 2) or rumba clave (2 - 3). Widely spread over the world it's one of the most vibrant, sensual and energizing dances. There are several styles of salsa dance within the salsa spectrum. Played in all sorts of venues and in the streets of some neighborhoods, salsa for some is a way of life and is part of the culture in some countries from Central America and South America.

expand_more What is latin jazz?

Latin jazz is a genre which combines jazz and latin rhythms. There are two main categories in this genre which consist of afro-cuban jazz and afro-brazilian jazz. In this genre many jazz standards are played with a new face using the salsa rhythm and on the other hand same thing happening with the jazz but using brazilian rhythms.

expand_more Latin Band vs Salsa Band

In our modern times, there is a misconception of what is a Latin Band and what is a Salsa Band. A salsa band is a band that normally plays salsa defined by the son or the rumba clave including the cuban timba and occasionally playing some merengue (fast tempo rhythm from the Dominican Republic). They normally don't perform a wider range of latin rhythms. A latin band is a band that performs not only salsa but various rhythms that are part of the Latin America music scope. These might go from bolero, samba, bossa-nova, salsa, merengue, bachata, reggaeton, latin jazz and bomba, just to mention some. When trying to choose between a latin band and a salsa band it is always good to ask for a sample of repertoire to be sure you are getting exactly what you want.

expand_more What type of music do you play?

We play a wide variety of latin rhythms like salsa, merengue, cumbia, timba, bachata, ballenato, reggaeton, bolero, rumba, samba, samba reggae, bossa nova. Also we like to make some fussion with funk, disco and blues. We have do covers, but also play originals, you can check our live videos.

expand_more What musical instruments do you play?

This depends on the band size you select for your event. Regularly our band setup includes classic Guitar, electric Guitar, drums, percussion, trombone, keyboard, bass. Additionally we sometimes add more percussion and brass instruments.

expand_more Do you travel?

We mainly cover events in Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina and Florida, but we can go anywhere you want us to play. Traveling and accommodation expenses would be included in our quote based on your location. Contact us so we can give you more details.

expand_more Do you have insurance?

Yes, we do. Let us know if you need a Certificate of Liability Insurance. We'll be happy to assist you on any type of documents required for your event.

expand_more We have a mixed audience and some of them don't dance salsa, can you help us?

That's our specialty!. Our repertoire not only includes salsa for very skilled dancers but also easy rhythm songs that anyone can dance. Additionally we can bring our DJ so we can mix live current hits with latin music. Everyone will be on the dance floor. You'll love it.

expand_more It's my wedding, can the band play the ceremony and cocktail hour?

Of course!. Just let us know what you have in mind and we'll take care of everything. We can have a solo guitar or piano section for your ceremony, a trio for your cocktail hour (some jazz maybe?), and the full band for the dancing sets on your reception party. Contact us for more specific details and requests.

expand_more It's my wedding, can the band DJ during their breaks or dinner?

Absolutely! Just send us your favorite song list and we'll include it in our breaks or dinner. Or just let us handle the music for you, keep in mind that our goal is for you to relax and be sure everything is taking care of.

expand_more Can you MC my event?

Yes, of course! Please give us your agenda at least 2 weeks before your event. We'll go through any details with you.

expand_more I need a sound system, can the band provide it?

Of course! Please let us know how many guests you are expecting approximately so we can bring the perfect equipment for your event.

expand_more Can we use your sound equipment for speeches?

Yes! We can provide you with a wireless mic for your speaker. There's no need to have a second set up.

expand_more Do you need any tech set up on our side?

If you need us to bring our PA/Sound system, we'll need at least (3) separate 120-Volt AC circuits on separate circuit breakers of no less than 20 amps each (These are standard residential receptacles)

expand_more What size stage do I need for the band to fit?

We certainly don't require a stage to perform; but, if you choose to have one, we'd prefer a stage size of 12'x24'.

expand_more Can we make a walk through with the band?

Of course, actually it is part of our preparation for the event. We'll scheduled a walk through with your event planner.

expand_more Can the band play outside?

If the stage is outside we'll need a tent to protect the instruments. We require cover and a flat, hard, dry surface to play on. Also, water and heat can damage instruments, so please keep this in mind when placing the band. We always recommend to have a backup plan just in case!

expand_more Do you require beverages on stage, meals, a green room or any additional spaces/set up?

Yes, please, a meal for our team members will be appreciated. We'll also need a case of cold bottle spring water on stage. We do not require a green room, but if you choose to have one for us we'll appreciate it A LOT!