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by Adrienne Henningsen

Awesome music by musicians who care about the customer being happy! Willie Ziavino & the C.O.T. Band played for cinco de mayo and we're wonderful! Engaging, festive, energetic and played great music- wish we had booked them for More hours. Guests loved it and really enjoyed themselves...highly recommend them!!!

by Trenna Bingham

THE BEST band in ATL!!! A party and a joy every song, every evening! I am not Latina, but I've learned to love Salsa and tropical music because of Willie and his C.O.T. Band. You must visit Eclipse di Luna and experience their flawless, exuberant, and very sensual music. Dancing is optional but you will not be able to sit still to their mesmerizing tunes, rhythm and vocals. NOTE TO MEN: take your lovely lady here you'll be WINNING!!! TRUST ME.

by Denise Dunn

They play at eclipse Di Luna in Ashford dunwoody they were great. Food was good and the price was right. Everyone was very nice. Will be going back weekly for my salsa dancing which was free with the instructor for 1 hour.

by Blaine Holt

Willie Ziavino & the C.O.T. Band are on their way to a Grammy Award. One day this will be true; so how cool to be able to say when that day comes that you hired them for your event. Just by watching their youtube videos, you will understand how incredibly talented they are, but live in front of your friends, family or company, they are even more amazing. My wife Jeana and I were married at my brother's property; 27 manicured acres of perfect playing host to two families and many friends from around the world. The band had to be world class also...and it was. Our friends all remarked how special Willie and his band made the day. Jeana and I agree. Nearly everyone purchased the CD off of iTunes as they were leaving the party. Thank you Willie Z and the C.O.T.! Jeana and I hope you will think of us when that Grammy does come through and you are deciding on invites! I vote for your version of Las Grimas Negras to put you over the top! Best always! Blaine & Jeana Holt Houston, TX